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Payment Instruction for eBay customers

To pay the item you order from my store or ebay, you have 3 options to pay:
1, Money order/Cashier check/Personal check
2, PayPal pay to
3, Local Pickup. There is 8.00% tax for California Residents

**If you ordered multiple items and need the total for combining shipment, you can see the auction page for shipping calculation. If you still have question, send me an email with the title "Multiple items shipping request", or "Info Request" so we can get back to you asap! Email:

For payment option 1: MO/Personal Check (Preferred)
Please send your payment payable to:

Name: ""
Address: 12285 Colony Ave
              Chino, CA 91710

Print the address form here
Your shipment will be held for 10~14 days if you send a personal check (Due to many bounced checks from buyers, please note all check will be held more than 10 days. It is better to send a Money Order if you don't want to wait.)
For international buyers and shipment (including Canada), you need to send a money order, cashier check, or pay by bidpay. NO paypal payment will be accepted for international.

For payment option 2: PayPal (
Please pay to for paypal payment. Please include phone# and special shipping/order instruction with your paypal payment.

Important NOTE: We can only ship to your Paypal confirmed address, if you don't have a confirmed address yet, you need to confirm it first by registering your credit card on your paypal account! All payment without a paypal confirmed address will be denied and delayed.

Please print out following info and fill out your name, address, and the other order from our website (if any).
Payment without the following info will not be processed and it will be delayed!!

#####Please PRINT your name and address clearly!!####
Or you can print the address form here.

    Please send your payment with the following information,
    so we can process your order.
    ** Please print. **
    Money Order# _______________
    or   Check# _______________

    E-Mail: _______________

    Your Name and Shipping Address:


    Street Address:_______________________________________

    City :_______________________________________

    State:___________ Zip Code:__________________ Country (if not in US):_____________

    Phone#:____________________________________________ (Required for International orders)

    Item Name: ________________________________________________

    Auction/item# : __________________________

    Quantity : _______

**Please let us know with the payment if you want it to be shipped specifically by USPS or FedEx**

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Fill out your additional item name(s) below and we will ship them together. Or just let us know the additional item(s) you ordered with your
paypal payment.