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Technical Support / Drivers / Trouble Shooting

Questions? Please email technical support: or call toll free 909-627-0687 and ask our tech support.

Networking Drivers

To find the most current update, please see chipset manufacture:

See how to set up with the Ralink Utility (875KB)
Please disable your internal WiFi before using our USB WiFi devices.

Mac users, please see here first: Ralink Quick installation guide for MAC OS X

If you need help with a remote access, please go to and download the software first, and tell us your ID and password when you call us.



Driver info Pictures Part#/Model
1 Windows
Ralink USB(RT2870 / RT2770 / RT3070 / RT2070 / RT357X / RT3370 / RT8070 / RT5370) for Windows (40.8mb)
2K/XP 32/64:
Vista 32/64:
Win7 32/64:
Win8 32/64:
Win8.1 32/64:
Win10 32/64:

Date Release: 11/20/2015
PL-H5DN-3070 (WiFi-N)
PT-H9DN-ROC(Max Distance Outdoor).
PL-2712N (Outdoor Plus)
PL-2814N (Outdoor Plus)
PL-2812-300N (Outdoor Plus II)
PL-18N (Hermes)
PT-H10DN-1W (Speedy2)
PL-U2N (NanoN)
PL-7601 (Windows only)
PL-U15010N (Speedy)
Mac 1
Mac 1 (older)
: Ralink RT2870 / RT2770 / RT3070 / RT5370 for Mac 10.6/10.7/10.8
Date Release: 10/01/2012
Version: V4.2.6.0
Mac 2
Mac 2 (newer)
: Ralink RT2870 / RT2770 / RT3070 / RT5370
for 10.7/10.8/10.9
Date Release: 11/29/2013
Version: V4.2.9.2

Mac user, please see here first if you are not sure how to install the driver: Ralink Quick installation guide for MAC OS X

RT8070/RT3070/RT3370/RT5370/RT5372 USB for Linux
Date update: 03/28/2012


Realtek RTL8188EUS
Please contact us for more info.


3.1, Realtek RTL8811AU/RTL8812AU CD (rar file. total 62MB)
Window XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
Note: Please use this driver instead of the one on CD for Win 8.1
Date update: 03/14/2014

3.2, Windows 10 CD Driver (rar file. 62mb)
Date update: 10/13/2015




4.1, Realtek RTL8811AU/RTL8812AU CD (rar file. total 62MB)

Window XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
Note: Please use this driver instead of the one on CD for Win 8.1
Date update: 03/14/2014

4.2, Realtek RTL8812AU CD (rar file. total 71MB)

Window XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
Linux (Kernel 2.6.18~3.8) (download here)
Android 1.6~2.3, 4.0~4.2
Mac: 10.7~10.9 (10.7. 10.8, 10.9 )

See Manual here
Date update: 06/08/2015

4.3, Windows 10 CD Driver (rar file. 62mb)
Date update: 10/13/2015



Download from here PL-8192CU

Can't open the rar file? You can download WinRAR here


Please see other older drivers:

1 Realtek RTL8188SU
Realtek RTL8188SU Utility and Driver Auto Installation Program (Support Win2K/XP/Vista/Win7) (18MB)
Linux driver for Kernel 2.6.x (1819K)

For Part#/Model:
PL-150N (N150)
PT-2223N (May/2010 after version)
3 Realtek RTL8191SU
Utility and Driver Auto Installation Program (Install Shield v1.00.0175)
Date Release: 12/17/2010
Version: 1086.38
Realtek_RTL8188/8191/8192SU For Linux, MAC OS 10.4, MAC OS 10.5, MAC OS 10.6

For Part#/Model:
HT-H5DN8191 (HornetTek)
PT-H5D-11N (Generic)
4 Realtek RTL8192SU Win2K/XP/Vista/Win7
Utility and Driver Auto Installation Program (Install Shield v1.00.0175)

Date Release: 12/17/2010
Version: 1086.38
For Part#/Model:
HT-H10DN (Janus)
Realtek_RTL8188/8191/8192SU For Linux, MAC OS 10.4, MAC OS 10.5, MAC OS 10.6
6 Ralink 11n USB adapter installation driver for all Windows
PT-2223N (May/2010 before version)
7 Realtek RTL8187B
UI Package and Driver (Support XP/Vista/Win7)
MAC OSX 10.4 Install Package (UI ver.1.5.7)
MAC OSX 10.5 Install Package (UI ver.1.5.7)
8 Realtek RTL8187L
UI Package and driver auto installation package (support WinXP/Vista)
Window 7 Installation Package
UI Package and driver (support WinXP/Vista)

Linux driver for kernel 2.6.X

MAC OSX 10.4 Driver Package (UI ver. 1.5.7)
MAC OSX 10.5 Driver Package (UI ver. 1.5.7)

For Part#/Model:

9 Ralink 2571 Drive for Window, Mac and Linux For Part#/Model:
10 BT4 CD  
11 BT5 CD, BT5 Manual (Beini) For Ralink RL3070 Chipset
13 Realtek RTL8188CUS

See software download here
For Part#/Model:
14 PowerLink PL-CPE-22N CPE / PL-APN

AP to Client Setup Guide (Power Point)
WDS Setup Guide (repeater)

For Part#/Model:
15 Grid antenna completed installation pictures 1, 2, 3. For tilt: 4, 5. See manual here
16 Instruction for setting up as Repeater
For Part#: PT-AP2402
17 Default IP:
Please read the Manual for the Operation modes.
AP mode:  1, Exchange wireline to wireless. 2, Use as repeater/relay
Router mode: Connect to a modem.
Client mode: Connect travel router to PC using the included Ethernet cable. It uses as a wireless LAN card.

For Part#: PT-AP2403

Firmware / Manual / QIG /


802.11n 2T2R Router/CPE firmware (rar file, 2mb) (Zip file here) (2/24/2012 update)
Internal Web Utility Default IP:

Note: there is no new firmware for V1.4

Check your version before update. See Management-->Status in the Internal Web Utility

For Part#/Model:
PL-APN/Boost N


PL-APN High Power AP Router Quick Installation Guide (PDF)
Default IP:

WDS and WISP Setup Guide

For Part#/Model:
PL-APN/Boost N


PowerLink PL-CPE-22N CPE
Default IP:

WDS Setup Guide

Also see the AP WDS and WISP Setup

For Part#/Model:


TP-185/TP-215 Touch Screen Panel Disc file (6mb)
For Part#/Model:

Problem for weak signal

  The LED on the booster indicates the AP radio transmitting status. If there is no led on, it means there is no AP radio signal input,

therefore no signal has been amplified by the booster. Try and check the DC power adapter or SMA connector cable is connected right with PCI WLAN card. Power on the PC and see if the LED is blinking or not. Also, it is probably TX circuit is defective if LED is still not blinking at all. Another situation is that radio has strong radio signal but can not ping back at all which means Rx circuit is defective. In case of defect found, please send back for replacement.

CPE2615/CPE-3014 manual and quick guide

Wibee XS-2204 and PT-H5D RTL8187L driver

HornetTek HT-2223BK and XS-2223 23dBm RTL8187B Driver V1, Driver V2. and manual



1 Bluetooth Printer Adapter BT-0260-V2 Driver CD (rar file 4.1mb)


2 BlueTooth Wireless Dongle 100 Meters Range GP-BT-02
3 Clicker BT mouse BT600 manual (PDF)

CardBus/ExpressCard Adapter

For CardBus adapter, user needs to have the extra power sources from provide USB cable for better solution.

ExpressCard to eSATA or USB+1394 CD Driver
Pcmcia 2 ports USB & Firewire (GP-CBS-4UF) Win & Mac

Pcmica 4 ports USB (GP-CBS-4U)     



Trouble Shooting

Network Drive

Lan Drive 3.5" Enclosure

  • USB or Ethernet not working?
    USB and Ethernet can't connect at the same time. If connect both USB and Ethernet, the Ethernet will not work, so you need to unplug USB port. Please note that USB is only for downloading and uploading files.
  • You must format the HDD using only administrative through Ethernet, not through USB.
  • Download the firmware first here
  • Please note the Lan Drive needs to be format to FAT32, and each partition can't be more than 32GB, so if you have 320GB hard drive, you probably want to make 10 partitions. Also, if you going to  to transfer fire to the Lan Drive, each file limit is 4GB. These are couple limits for the Lan Drive. It doesn't function if you fail to follow all of the limits above.

HDD Enclosure

I install a 40 GB Hard Drive with the enclosure, but my computer detect it but not showing an additional drive under my computer icon. How do I get it to work?

Answer: For XP, please go to control panel-->Administrative tools-->Computer Management. Under "Computer Management," click "Disk Management," then check the right-bottom window (scrolling down if necessary), you should see the additional hard drive disk, right click mouse on it, choose "new partition", then follow the instructions for the format of the hard drive. After finishing the format, you should be able to see the additional drive under my computer icon on the desktop.

Still not working? Try on another computer, and see if other computer detects the new hardware. Also, please download the USB 2.0 service pack from

illustration for how to format for PC

Answer for Mac

If you don't find the driver you need, please email to get the driver you need. Thanks!